Who We Are

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Senegal’s leading provider of reliable energy.

Tobene Power IPP contributes significantly towards Senegal’s drive to make affordable energy accessible for all and diversifying energy sources.

By closing the power gap as swiftly as possible, Tobene Power can ensure development leaves no-one behind.

Our Mission

To provide reliable and stable energy on time, every time while maximize value for our stakeholders and contributing to the social and economic development within our communities.

Tobene Power delivers quality power timeously and consistently with the objective of contributing to the Senegalese economy and empowering communities.

Accountability, transparency and proactivity are central factors in our approach in engaging our stakeholders at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Social responsibility underpins everything we do and we invest in a number of programs designed to support community health infrastructure, education and culture. More details on our projects are available in the impact page of this website.

Social responsibility underpins everything we do. And we invest in a number of projects designed to support health, education, lives and livelihoods, water and sanitation. Gender equality, clean energy and partnerships to achieving social impact are cross cutting objectives in our projects.

Our Values

It’s great to have values but living our values is what is the most important for us as it underpins the everything we do and how we do it. 

We share a clear purpose; to deliver quality power on budget and on schedule and uplift Senegal’s economy and local communities. We have high standards of work ethic and a strong health and safety culture. We take pride in consistently seeking to improve safety measures to ensure that our staff and communities stay safe.

Leadership Team

Almamy Sagna

Our Investors

The investors in Tobene Power are some of the largest and most respected investors in the world and their commitment to the projects is a testament to their strong governance and structures, as well as their faith in the Senegalese electricity market.  The success of Tobene Power can and will pave the way for wider investments in the sector. Our investors include:

A leading investor in growth markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America

A pan-African infrastructure investment platform.

A leading investor in growth markets across Africa, a principal investment firm with a focus on the infrastructure sector in Africa.